The Creek Side Garden

The Creek Side garden that runs along Nash Creek accounts for six freeform raised beds. It too has a dominant presence in Seven Willows flanking the south-east of the property whereas Victoriana Garden does this at the south-west. This particular garden possesses several distinguishing features most prominent of which are the four majestic willows trailing into the creek. Noteworthy are the structural elements, particularly the gazebo on the creek side and loveseat to the south. Here in the evenings, Trevor sipped any one of his favourite cocktails – Martini, Manhattan, Larchmount, or Mint Julep – before dinner, as the Canada geese and/or ducks floated on the surface of the water. There is a strong naturalistic feel here as the beds seem to emerge out of the creek and present a seamless view to the natural plantings opposite.

Creek Side Garden

6 Beds & 291 Hostas

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