The Japanese Style Garden

The Japanese Garden (7 Beds) is located to the north-east and adjacent to the Woodlands. It contains seven beds: each bed gives a different representation of the key elements of Japanese-garden style evoking water, earth, mountain and fire. It leaves much to the imagination, but it holds interest and provides a serene and calming spot without richness of colour. For a contemplative visitor this area is best experienced at either sunrise or sunset; the sunset is just spectacular.

When first established each bed was planted with a different variety of hostas. Over the space of three or four winters, except for a half dozen mini hosta saved, all the hostas planted disappeared (a loss of over 115 hostas). The area was again transformed between 2015 and 2018 following the installation of the wire fencing in 2014. Under the new arrangement bed No. 35 represents a crane; No.36 a mountain with water cascading down to a rock river bed; No. 37 a rockery with triple stones; No. 38 another rockery with a tri-circle of Malus Harvest Gold; No.39 a tea house with gravel entrance; No. 40 a mixed landscape, and No. 41 a mountain with lake and bridge. In this last bed, a single hosta, “Sum and Substance”, dominates, surrounded by a combination of daylilies.

Japanese Garden

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