The Summer House Garden

Summer House Garden (6 beds) is located north-east of the house, and is made up of six beds and was created between 2002-2003. It has been the most enduring of all the gardens. Except for bed Number 10 this garden has remained unchanged in its shape and plantings.  Originally, bed Number 10 consisted of 14 Skylark junipers arranged in groupings of three with a front-facing border of annuals which varied from one year to the next. The fir trees were transplanted from the bush at the back of the property. The existing arrangement where hostas dominate in bed Number 10 dates from 2013.   In this garden there is more harmony with the rustic setting  in the presence of the rustic structure referred to as the Summer House. It has proven to be a memorable feature with most visitors, and presents a great photo-op.

Summer House Garden

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