The Woodland Garden

Woodland Gardens are entered from the Japanese garden. The east gate leads to the Eastern Woodlands. It was envisaged as a blend of regular perennials and shrubs in a woodland setting, a blend of two divides; it has not really worked. Many of the perennials including aggressive growers did not survive in the woodland. In addition, deer and rabbits have cleared the shrubs, including a row of seven standard Pee Gee hydrangeas now replaced with an Oriental statue display. A planting of seven Ninebark, several Lilacs and 2 Golden Forsythia planted have all perished due to the animals.  However, a special feature here is the new addition in 2018 of a brilliant array of daylilies, of which over 60 different varieties are to be found in two small beds Nos. 48 and 50, and throughout this area. They combine with the few surviving perennials to give a colourful display in the late summer and early fall.  In contrast, the Western Woodlands, approached from the north gate in the Japanese Garden, was left in its naturalistic setting except for the grassy pathways meandering through the dominant cedar growth. Bed No. 34 flanks the outer entrance on both sides. Weather permitting Trevor walked the Woodlands almost daily, often twice a day, accompanied by the then-resident dog: Mr. Wedgie (a female), Ricky, Stranger and Butch. The woodland walk veered off the grassy pathway and into the wild and untamed area where the dogs enjoyed thrashing through the undergrowth. This was the dearest and favourite part of the property to Trevor, hence it now forms a fitting memorial.

Woodland Garden

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