The Centre Point Garden

Centre Point, (1 bed)  situated to the rear of the house between the Victoriana Garden to the west and the Creek Side Garden, provides a formal symmetrical pattern that contrasts with the otherwise naturalistic settings of all other gardens. It forms a mid-point. It is distinguished by its simplicity with the cast iron fountain  encircled by a planting of one variety of hosta –  “Patriot”. This area was first cleared in 1984 to create a maze. Later a rose garden enclosed on all side with a cedar hedge was tried. The cedars grew poorly in the water-logged soil and so did the roses. The present construction dates from 1989. The four gravel sections around the circular bed of hosta “Patriot” was planted with 40 hostas “Ivory Coast” 10 in each section in 2013 but washed out in Spring floods a few years later.

Centre Point Garden

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